Men can be just as picky about what they wear as much as women do. But if you’re one of those men who just can’t find the motivation to think too long about what to wear, just follow a few of these tips to get you started and basically cheat your way to a newer more stylish you!

1. Picking the top pieces

Have a handful of basics and then some standout items to add on. Basic t-shirts and dress shirts in neutral colours can be played up or down meaning you can grab it for a quick casual lunch or to style up to a party. Layer up by adding tailored blazers to your wardrobe for business or work days and either the classic denim jacket or leather jacket for stylish date days. Feel free to add on prints like stripes or florals whenever you’re ready to level up your style points.

2. Getting the bottoms in check

Material and fit is important for this. Once you’ve mastered the variety it’ll be smooth sailing from here on. Essential bottoms include a pair of good denim jeans, tailored dress pants and an optional extra pair of basic shorts because some days are just too hot for long pants. Go neutral, avoid prints for newbies. When you’re more comfortable, invest in materials such as corduroy or styles like distressed or ripped for elevated texture.

3. Do the jitterbug

We have reached the end of your ensemble cheat sheet. Not really, probably just one more right after this. With shoes, always have a pair of trusty sneakers and lace up oxfords (or any dress shoe variation for formality) but if you don’t like feeling stuffy, opt for a casual pair of sandals - Caution: Wear only on extremely lazy days of course!

4. The add ons

Bags, watches, wallets, the list goes on. For the last part, accessories. Now, if you’ve got the top three above covered, this is just really minimal. You either need this or you don’t. Accessorising is a skill. Do too little and there’s no effect. Do too much and you’re just going to walk out of your house looking like a peacock. So for this, it’s best to tread lightly and go slow. You’ll get the hang of it once you give it a try though so don’t be afraid to experiment!

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