MEIZU, one of the world’s best-selling smartphone label just officially launched their latest smartphone in Malaysia, PRO 6 Plus and M5 Note. It’s also announced Dynamics Distribution Sdn. Bhd. as their exclusive distributor in Malaysia market.

Founded in 2003, Meizu has become one of the most influential smartphone makers in the world. The brand received USD650 million investment from Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. recently as part of a long-term strategic partnership, Alibaba also provides resources and supports Meizu in areas like e-business, internet, mobile internet services, smartphone systems, data analysis and payments.

Meizu phones are characterized by their light, comfortable design, premium sound quality, high definition camera, simple and elegant user interface, combining performance, ease of use and functionality with the durability needed to survive the human experience.

Malaysia is a new market for Meizu, adding more country to its network of international presence in Europe, South East Asia, Middle East, Central Asia and Oceania. The Director of Asia Pacific Region Meizu Technology, Mr. Gary Xu said that the brand is enthusiastic about Malaysian market. “The trend shows that Asia is the region that is leading the world in smartphone adoption and usage. To venture into South East Asia market, we select Malaysia”, says Mr. Xu.

Besides the launching of PRO 6 Plus and M5 Note, Meizu also introduces the latest Meizu Operating System, Flyme. Flyme is a customized mobile phone operating system developed by Meizu based on Android OS. As a core competency of Meizu phones, Flyme is “the soul of Meizu products”, its distinct, fascinating system design provides a fun browsing experience with delicate and agile animation. With key features such as completely redesigned apps, one-handed usability and performance optimizations, Flyme is aiming to create a smart mobile phone with light and smooth user experience. The latest version of Flyme 6 features an outstanding and unique content-driven design that utilizes 8 elegant colours, perfectly combines the content and design to provide a stunning, content-based visual experience, bursting with excitement and visual delights. Users are able to fully immerse into the content without being bothered by irrelevant factors.

Meanwhile, the One Mild artificial intelligence engine is able to adjust system performance according to user preference. It can identify user’s favourite apps and designate extra resources to those apps to make them run more smoothly. More than 400 new features are added in Flyme 6, including a revamped picture capturing process and a reworked lost phone finding assistant.

Touted as ‘Stronger Than Ever’, the Pro 6 Plus rocks a metal unibody with an exquisite micro-arc design and redesign body curve that underwent 30 steps dan 150 hours of precise craftsmanship. Turn your head too quick, and you’ll miss its unique and fine details such as the CD line camera, its ring flash and the minimalistic antenna design.

Under the metal unibody is the lightning fast Exynos 8 Processor with a frequency of 2.0GHz,is combined with efficient SCI Samsung architecture and a powerful GPU to create a perfectly integrated, state-of-the-art flagship chip that can take on any large-scale or demanding applications you’ll throw at it.

In addition to the large 5.7 inch screen, the PRO 6 Plus has a Quad HD 2K resolution to match it. The screen module is only 1.65mm thin, but still thick enough to show its brilliance. Adding Samsung’s Super AMOLED display, the screen allows for any viewing angle and displays colours clear and vivid.

Packing a 12 megapixels back-facing camera, it takes stunning pictures and brilliant night time photos with 4-axis optical image stabilization, larger f/2.0 aperture, 10-LED circular flash and 6P lens. The latest generation high performance ISP image processor also significantly improves colour reproduction, sharpness and noise reduction in photos and videos.

Other noticeable innovations from Meizu also include a 3D press innovation, which can show an app preview by pressing the app icon. Its fingerprint accessibility that has been optimized for super speed fingerprint recognition. It also ditched the old micro USB and incorporates the latest USB standards: Type-C and USB 3.1 that supports transmission bandwidth of 5Gbps and Meizu’s fast charging technology. It’s also provide fast-charging batteries with a total capacity of 3400mAh, a 30 minute charge can fill 60% battery easily, fast and secure.

Retail price in Malaysia: RM 1999

Meizu M5 Note
Standing by its tagline ‘More Performance, More Beauty’, the Meizu M5 Note features an all-in-one metal body that comes in Champagne Gold, Gray and Silver. The new antenna lines on the M5 Note make the device look more attractive and stylish than any other M-series device. After 12 steps of double-layer sandblasting, the M5 Note feels great in hand. The M5 Note’s audio excels as the sound is amplified through unique rectangular outlets that were designed with CNC precision to produce a sound that’s more even and natural.

Equipped with a 5.5-inch Full HD display, it offers a more colourful, vivid and delicate viewing experience, while reducing eyestrain through its eye-protection mode. With its curved edges through the use of 2.5D Glass, the M5 Note is a true pleasure to use.

This device also includes the latest generation 64-bit Octa-Core Processor that delivers peak frequencies of up to 1.8GHz. Featuring 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage, there’s more than enough choice for every kind of user.

Though only 8.1mm thin, the M5 Note offers a big 4000mAh battery, equipped with the best battery technology available to achieve performance that is unique in its price class.

The M5 Note is carrying with a new generation of fast charging technology. Backed by 18W of power, it takes just 90 minutes to charge the device which is 40% faster than the charging times of previous models. The M5 Note also offers a fingerprint sensor, which you can use to unlock your device as well as completing mobile payments.

Retail price in Malaysia: RM 849

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